Few problems with Soccer Stars..

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Soccer Stars tutorial

Also, its an undeniable fact that Archon Team League tournament was a success in terms of viewership. I really dont know why AMAZ doesnt organize ATLC 2 ( now that probably wont happen anymore because Archon only has 2 players that attend tournaments regularly, Amnesiac and Zalae). It must be because he was so pissed that his team underperformed.
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Yeah, after finding out they wouldn’t add MLS, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth buying again this year. Then I saw the promo images and thought they brought the FMM big screen UI to all devices. And I would have loved Soccer stars game to have the option to use the side menu UI. But I don’t see any options in the settings to switch from the small screen menu to the advertised side menu. They should show both in the App Store description page.

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